Overseas Recruitment:

Labor Staffing:

  • With Expertise in placing candidates in Gulf countries and extensive network of associates has enabled us to source candidates from various countries which include India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Vietnam, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Tanzania, Nepal, Uganda etc .....
  • Whether it is Project wise hiring, Long term or Short Term Staff requirements, we are equipped with the best people with industry know how and expertise.
  • Be it any corner of the world our global presence and skilled team can fulfill any requirements with the best TAT desired by our clients.

Executive Search:

  • The decision makers are a very important part of an organization who showcase the ability and character of an organization.
  • It's crucial for any organization to get the candidates who are a perfect fit for their culture and environment.
  • MIH plays an important role in finding the exact match within the desired time frame and our clients complete satisfaction.