Recruitment Process Outsourcing

CV Sourcing:

  • Sourcing active candidates through in depth search on multiple job boards, internet, LinkedIn and allied sources.
  • Our CV sourcing experts are well acquainted recruiters, capable of identifying right candidate for the right job befitting the job description parameters i.e. industry skill, age, nationality and level of experience, etc.
  • We have with us an exemplary team of recruiters who understand the key points in the Job role, and identify potential candidates accordingly.
  • We commence the work even before you start working on a given job role so that your recruiters once arrive begin the necessary formalities and save the time available at their disposal. This process even puts your competitor far behind in such activities.

Candidate Profiling:

  • We begin working on your project even before your competitors think about it. This gives you lead needed to keep you ahead in the race.
  • We evaluate the candidates against your brief, try to understand the motive of the prospective candidate to move in to a new job, for the benefit of your clients.
  • This helps your recruiters to use their valuable time to start the submittal process, rather than start the day by trawling job boards and LinkedIn profiles. Thus, the candidates will be already spoken to while your competitors are still searching for them.

Internet Research:

  • By monitoring a host of social networking sites, exhibition sites, industry forums, etc.,we compile a strong and targeted research strategy to build in a data of prospective candidates, companies, competitors, hierarchy, etc.
  • We accept this task by considering different criteria like salary, location, job type, company size, industry, sector, etc. This saves you a lot of time and efforts and gives your company/recruiters enough time to do their best during recruiting process.
  • Additionally, you get loads of data to work on and evaluate competitor's strength and accordingly Strategies.

Database Management & Organization:

  • This service helps our clients to save on time consuming process needed to derive desired information from the database they have invested in, and focus on the important functions of their businesses.
  • We assist our clients to store the data in their desired database, which assists in elimination of duplication and ease the accessibility.
  • We can convert any kind of data in your desired format, or work on any kind of database as we have staff that is well adept in working different forms of database management systems.
  • While doing all this, we do not forget that data is what the company survives on and, therefore, the data security measure is our usual priority.

CV Formatting:

  • We work diligently and are capable of converting the candidates CVs in the desired format and style speedily.
  • We follow your instructions to develop a structured and superior quality CV in a format that is familiar to your clients.
  • As the service is cost-effective, you can benefit by outsourcing this to us which will help you reduce overhead cost and control your finances as well.
  • We are aware that the market has grown very competitive and in order to survive you need to give the best impression with good quality formatted CV befitting the needs of industry and sector.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting:

  • We understand how necessary it is for businesses to win big deals, but someone needs to go through time-consuming and pre-qualifying processes first.
  • Let's take care of this tedious task and let your team focus on what they do best. These personnel are more efficient on nurturing these golden opportunities and thereby maintaining eminent long term relationships with existing clients.
  • With our quality control and confirmed appointments, you would see a good percentage of raise in your teams' performance; both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Our every call is filled with perfect information on your business involvement and thereby winning clients for you.